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1. Plate Tectonics Keep The Planet Comfortable

Earth core structure illustrated with geological layers according to scale – isolated on black

    As we all know that  earth is the only planet in the whole solar system having tectonics plate.the outer most part of the earth surface is called crust.The inner part is called mantle and inner most interior part is known as core.these tectonic plates are floating on top of the magma interior of earth and can move against one another.when two plates collides, one plates will go under earth another and earthquake is thus formed.


2. Mechanical Properties Associated With Earth Surface

   The Geo thermal gradient .The rate of flow with depth is the Geo thermal gradient(As we know that temperature must increases with depth) .It is ranged up to 8°C/km up to 65°C/km but avg. some 35°C/km in the continental crust .The pressure of crust rock increases downward by 0.28 kb/km


3. Earth is mostly Iron, Oxygen and Silicon

   Iron: 32% ,Oxygen :30% , silicon:15% ,magnesium:13.9% .At core Iron % :88% ,And crust Oxygen %:47%


4. Earth Doen’t Take 24 hours to Rotate on Its Axis

We all know that earth take 24 hours to rotate on its axis but Actually data is that it take 23hour, 56miniute and 4seccond for for the earth to rotate once completely on it axis. Every day the sun moves compared to the background stars(galaxy stars)by about 1°C_about the size of the moon in the sky


5. A year on Earth is not 356 days

We all know that a year on earth is 365 But Actually it is not.the data says that 365.2564 days Take for a one year . Leap year created by .2564 additional days. That, why we tack one an extra days in feb. every four years 2004, 2008,2012, etc.