go to link فوركس عدم الإيداع Faster Internet speed spurring OTT growth in India                                 HYDERABAD/NEW DELHI: The improvement in average Internet speed in India over the last few months is spurring growth in the Over-The-Top (OTT) sphere and may bring about a behavioural shift among Indian consumers, industry players have emphasised.

source OTT, or the delivery of video content via Internet, is looking up as Cloud delivery platform Akamai’s latest “State of the Internet Report” indicates that the average speed has dramatically improved in the last 18 months from a 3-odd Mbp. Microsoft, Facebook lay 6,598 km Internet cable across Atlantic                                                                            SAN FRANCISCO: In an incredible feat, Microsoft, Facebook and the telecom infrastructure company Telxius have laid a 6,598 km cable across the Atlantic Ocean that is capable of transmitting 160 terabits of data per second. The companies announced the completion of the highest capacity subsea cable ‘Marea’ (tide) that delivers 16 million times faster Internet than an average home web connection, Microsoft wrote in a blog post.

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